Hearts & Heart Requests

Hearts describes the count of games you can play in row.
You will get one free heart every 20 min, when this value drops below 25.
Once you have invited your friends to play with you,
they can help you to get extra free lives:

– ask your friends for help and they will send you heart back;
– send heart to your friends to help them and challenge them for better results

You can send one heart per hour to everyone in your friends list.

Having received the heart, you should accept it shortly. It will be expired in 3 days.
You have to accept the heart recieved before you will be able to recieve another one from the same person again.

When you get Help Request from somebody, you have to responde immediatly,
this kind of requests are shown only once.

Also, you can exchange 1 Gold Coin for 5 Hearts every time you want.

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