Solitaire Towers Tournaments Game

We have collected the best social tripeaks solitaire experience to bring it to you. We are quite sure that everyone who likes tri-peaks, pyramid, freecell, spider, diamond, klondike, club, hearts and other solitaire games, of any age, from teen to wisdom, will love the ability to join the global social … Continue reading

Kitty and Friends: blast of fun

Toon toy puzzle. Play & enjoy! WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF CARTOON ADVENTURE AND HEAD BLASTING FUN! Dive into the world with our characters Kitty the Leader, Panda the Chef and Doggy the Athlete and many more! Help our characters in learning and discovering new things, by completing different addictive … Continue reading

Cleopatra Solitaire TriPeaks

Cleopatra Solitaire TriPeaks is a new view of the classic card game. If you’re a fan of Klondike, Freecell or Spider solitaire – you’ll enjoy this! If you love solitaire games such as Pyramid solitaire – Cleopatra Solitaire TriPeaks is exactly for you! 4 reasons why you would love to … Continue reading

Solitaire: Flush & Clash

Train you mind, grow your farm, rise your deck and FLUSH THEM ALL!!! To win, you’ll need quick wit that can count fast. If you’re into tickling your nerves, join us and try your luck. -Play tournaments- Every day you can challenge a thousands of players over the world. -Player … Continue reading

TriPeaks Solitaire Challenge

New vision of solitaire experience. Free and wide-platform tournament’s world. iOS App Store: TriPeaks Solitaire Challenge Google Play: TriPeaks Solitaire Challenge Amazon Store: TriPeaks Solitaire Challenge     TriPeaks Solitaire Challenge is the most powerful global classic solitaire challenge. Reach new skills, explore new powerups, collect gold and silver, reach … Continue reading

Towers Battle Solitaire Tripeaks

Responding to the massive request from Towers: TriPeaks Solitaire fans to add global challenge features, to the hit pyramid solitaire game Towers: TriPeaks Solitaire, XI-ART recently released the completely new game Towers Battle Pyramid Solitaire, that combines the best practices of classic solitaire games with unique social online tournament features … Continue reading

crazy train league puzzle

Crazy Train: Puzzle League game

Your job is to compose the railway track from parts to let the train move ahead. The train is a bit heavy, why parts are lost behind it. So, you have to keep eyes open to keep your train on the way without crash. Feel free to make a mistake, … Continue reading

929 tetris block puzzle game

929: Block Puzzle tetris style game

Creating this unique tetris style puzzle we where inspired with ancient and genius game experience mixed with outstanding graphics, effects and incredibly relaxing music. Our puzzle is simple like … any tetris style game or any block puzzle. And full of joy, logic and Zen! More about 929: Block Puzzle … Continue reading

connection dots links flow puzzle game

Connexion puzzle game is available on Facebook

The rules are simple as five words: – Connect colored balls by lines. It’s easy, when you have 5 pairs on the 5×5 board, but how about the 10 pairs and 10×10 board(or even more)? More..

chain card classic deluxe pyramid solitaire

Chain: Deluxe Classic Solitaire card game

Chain: Deluxe Card Solitaire is your adventure in the classic solitaire world together with your friends! If you like Freecell, Hearts, Spider, Tripeaks, Pyramid, Club, Diamond solitaire games or mahjong games, you definitely will love this ultimate beautiful vintage(but not a retro) style addictive game. More about Chain: Deluxe Classic … Continue reading