iOS & Android : no Facebook connection

unfortunately, Facebook connection is not very reliable time to time, sorry.
We know about this issue, and work on it now.
So we are planning to fix most of that cases in the next app release.
Right now you could try the next scenario to fix that problem:

  1. open the Facebook on your PC(!) internet browser:
  2. at the left bar find the section APPS and click on this header – the page with all your apps installed should appear at the center.
  3. find the Towers app.
  4. click the “pencil”(edit) icon at the left of the app – drop-down menu should appear.
  5. select “Remove App” – that will remove Towers from your Facebook pages only, plus all app permissions and connections as well. But, all the data you have played before will remain on your device (so, do not remove Towers from the device).
  6. next, go to to your device and start Towers.
  7. you should see the “LOGIN” button on the main menu screen. Press it. The native Facebook dialog screen should pop-up over the game app. You have to accept all the permissions requested (do not worry – we take the minimum 😉
  8. finally, you should visit the Towers app page to restore your installation on the Facebook:

This way should reset the connection between the Towers app and the Facebook.
Please note, that this scenario helps in most cases, but not in all, sorry.