Invite your friends to challenge them in 3 day battle for highest score.
When the tournament is finished, top ranked players are rewarded with Gold Coins and Medal.
note: to get a reward, you need at least one friend played with you.

Tournament score value
This value show the best score in this tournament.
To grow it up, you need play the better that you have done before in this tournament.
When tournament is finished, this value is down to zero again.

please note, that your result is posted to the server when you have finished the game.
so, in case, when you starting the game at last minutes of the current tournament,
it can be finished while you still playing, and your result will be counted for next tournament.

How much coins in prize?
when you have only 1 friend, who played in tournament,
you will get 2 coins for the 1st and 1 coin for the 2nd places

when you have 2 and more friends, who played in tournament,
you will get 5 coins for the 1st, 3 coins for the 2nd and 1 coin for the 3rd places

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