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Facebook permissions explanation

We will never post on your feed without your explicit intention to share your best results with your friends.
(in this case you have to press special “Share” button in the game)

We asking you about two simplest permissions on Facebook:
Public profile” – to get your Facebook ID and name.
Friends list” – to get your Facebook ¬†friends list.
Publish actions” for some games – to add some game achievements to your timeline
(and you can hide them from your Facebook account at any time).

Scrolling the lists

Our scrolling feature is realized in dragging-like style:
just try to drag the window content up or down with your mouse
(press left mouse button to start dragging, then move you mouse up/down).

Save & Sync

You can play the game from different locations(computers, browsers or devices), but note that:
We are storing all of your progress data now, so you will see actual data on all of your devices and browsers,
but only in case you have stable connection with our servers.

Also, the amount of lives and bonuses that you have spent at one place (browser or device),
will also be be spent on all of your devices or browsers. This value is synchronized not very often,
so you can see some bulk changes sometimes.

Browsers supported

We are supporting the all most popular internet browsers:
Google Chrome v. 24+
Apple Safari v. 5.1.7+
Internet Explorer v. 9.0+
Mozilla FireFox v. 21+

Here you can find the latest browser versions:
Google Chrome
Apple Safari
Internet Explorer
Mozilla FireFox

Loading : page do not load or stuck on some % progress

  • First, check that your browser is supported and updated to latest version.
  • Next, check your network connection.
  • Finally, you should try to reload the page a couple of times to load all the items properly.

iOS & Android : how to change Facebook user

mobile devices does not support multi-user environment,
so this kind of operation is not easy to do.
Please, follow the scenario below:

  1. remove(uninstall) the game app from your device.
  2. open the Facebook app installed on your device and do change user here.
  3. install the game app again and press “Login/Connect” to connect Facebook.

Have more questions?
before writing to us, please, check following checklist:

– if you play on mobile (Android or iOS devices), check that you updated to latest version.
Android latest version
iOS latest version

– we need your User ID to help you.
if you play on PC(in browser), please use “Help & Support” link to this page
if you play on mobile, please use Options->”Get Support”
in both cases your ID will be added to the contact form.

– we will not answer if your question is listed above

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