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929 tetris block puzzle game

929: Block Puzzle tetris style game

Creating this unique tetris style puzzle we where inspired with ancient and genius game experience mixed with outstanding graphics, effects and incredibly relaxing music. Our puzzle is simple like … any tetris style game or any block puzzle. And full of joy, logic and Zen! More about 929: Block Puzzle … Continue reading

connection dots links flow puzzle game

Connexion puzzle game is available on Facebook

The rules are simple as five words: – Connect colored balls by lines. It’s easy, when you have 5 pairs on the 5×5 board, but how about the 10 pairs and 10×10 board(or even more)? More..

wild combo color match puzzle

Wild Combo: Match Color Puzzle

Be sure that you didn’t play that kind of game before! Old-school warm lamp style graphics with polished effects will make you to feel better and relax after the long day rush. Let’s walk through the old Western Town with our old stylish Ranger breaking the mind with incredible puzzles. … Continue reading

pick 11 solitaire puzzle tile game

Pick 11 puzzle game

Want an interesting way to use your spare time? How about an excellent and gripping puzzle game made of excellent graphics and sound effects that creates a unique atmosphere. The rules are easy as 5+6=11! But levels are not! 😉 Collect combinations of 11 as quick as possible to get … Continue reading