FAQ : Towers Solitaire

Towers Solitaire : Help & Rules

The object

The aim of the game is to discard all cards on the board.
A card can be removed from the board by touching if it has a value
that is one kind higher or lower than a deck card (regardless of suit).
If you get stuck, take next card from the deck.

Game is over when you out of time or moves.

Game Rounds

You can play up to 3 rounds per play: Round 1, Round 2 and the Bonus Round.

To pass the Round 1, you need to get at least 60000 score points, or clear the board.
Actually, the points value depends on your experience level.
For novices, that will be 60 000, and for most experienced players it will be up to 85 000.

To pass the Round 2, you need to clear the board at least once in Round 1 and Round 2.

The Bonus Round is a bonus for you – it is gives you a chance to get even more points.
It is the last round of the game.

Hearts & Heart Requests

Hearts describes the count of games you can play in row.
You will get one free heart every 10 min, when this value drops below 9.
Once you have invited your friends to play with you,
they can help you to get extra free lives:

– ask your friends for help and they will send you heart back;
– send heart to your friends to help them and challenge them for better results

You can send one heart per hour to everyone in your friends list.
Press the “heart” in the tournament table to quickly send a heart.

Having received the heart, you should accept it shortly. It will be expired in 3 days.
You have to accept the heart recieved before you will be able to recieve another one from the same person again.

When you get Help Request from somebody, you have to responde immediatly,
this kind of requests are shown only once.

Also, you can exchange 1 Gold Coin for 2 Hearts every time you want.

Gold Coins

You can spend Gold Coins to buy more Hearts or Powerups.
Occasionally, you will awarded with some amount of coins for game progress achievements.
Also, you can buy Gold Coins, by selecting the “Plus” button at the right of the coins value bar.
Additionally, all the tournament winners are rewarded with Gold Coins. To get a reward, you need
at least one friend played with you, and you will get more then twice when your have two or more friends played.

Silver Coins

When you reach Level 2, you can collect Silver Coins while playing the game.
Then, you can spend Silver Coins to buy Powerup Bonuses.
Occasionally, you will awarded with some amount of coins for game progress achievements.
Also, you can buy Silver Coins, by selecting the “Plus” button at the right of the coins value bar.

Silver Coins : How to collect more

When you make the long chain with more than 3 cards,
each next one will give you increasing amount of coins.
So, 4th card gives you 2 coins, 5th – 3 coins and so on.


Starting from the Level 5 you can buy Powerup bonuses to boost your results:

Timer Freeze
This bonus freezes game time for a while each time you collect a bonus card.
Upgradable. At the beginning, it will freeze timer for 1 sec. Every upgrade will increase this time.
Available from the Level 5.

This bonus gives you the ability to expose any card.
Note, that one Jester Bonus is used when you start to play, not when you put it to the deck.
So, actually, you can use it 3 times per game(1 time in every round).
Available from the Level 9.

Power Deck
This bonus gives you +10 000 points each time you collect a bonus card.
Upgradable. At the beginning, you will have 2 power cards in the deck. Every upgrade this amount will be increased.
Available from the Level 11.

Timed Orden Cards

When you reach Level 2, you can use Timed Orden to get higher results.
For the beginning, you will have +1000 points bonus for every bonus card picked up.

Then while your level goes up, you have an ability to upgrade it to the values +2000, +3000, and so on.
note: you should pick up them quickly, because they have short lifetime.


Invite your friends to challenge them in 3 day battle for highest score.
When the tournament is finished, top ranked players are rewarded with Gold Coins and Medal.
note: to get a reward, you need at least one friend played with you.

Tournament score value
This value show the best score in this tournament.
To grow it up, you need play the better that you have done before in this tournament.
When tournament is finished, this value is down to zero again.

please note, that your result is posted to the server when you have finished the game.
so, in case, when you starting the game at last minutes of the current tournament,
it can be finished while you still playing, and your result will be counted for next tournament.

How much coins in prize?
when you have only 1 friend, who played in tournament,
you will get 2 coins for the 1st and 1 coin for the 2nd places

when you have 2 and more friends, who played in tournament,
you will get 5 coins for the 1st, 3 coins for the 2nd and 1 coin for the 3rd places

Tournaments : Claim your prize

When the tournament is finished, top ranked players are rewarded with Gold Coins and Medal.
If you are in the prizes table, you will see the tournament results screen.
note: to get a reward, you need at least one friend played with you.

To get your prize, you have to press CLAIM YOUR PRIZE at the bottom of the tournament result screen.
note: if you playing the game at more than one device or PC, you can see results screen more than once.
But, you will get the prize only once actually.

If you didn’t claim your prize in 3 days after the tournament finish time, it will be lost.


  • The faster you finish the round, the more additional points you will get
  • Try to make long chains. The longer the chain, the more points and Silver Coins you get
  • Try to gather the ordens (as much as possible), each orden you get gives you more points
  • The ‘ROUND PASS’ value will say to you how to win the round. Complete 2 rounds to get bonus one.
  • Reach Level 2 to get the ability to collect silver coins.
  • Use silver and gold coins to buy the Powerups.
  • Upgrade your Powerups in time to get more abilities.

Offer of the day

Occasionally (once a couple of days), we are giving away gifts for our most curious players.
Keep an eye on our news page to get them.
Just “Like” the  game Fun Page to be informed all the time.

Towers Solitaire : FAQ

Facebook permissions explanation

We will never post on your feed without your explicit intention to share your best results with your friends.
(in this case you have to press special “Share” button in the game)

We asking you about two simplest permissions on Facebook:
Public profile” – to get your Facebook ID and name.
Friends list” – to get your Facebook  friends list.
Publish actions” for some games – to add some game achievements to your timeline
(and you can hide them from your Facebook account at any time).

Browser & Gameroom : Game Auto Scale Mode

Game tries to cover all the space available in the window
to show you as much details as it’s possible.
When you use the scaling ability of your browser
or [+/-] buttons in the Gameroom,
you actually change the size of the others page items,
like chat and right panel, not the game size.
In this case the game frame will be changed
in opposite way to fit all the rest space.

You can switch off this option, with the button [<=>] at the top.

Scrolling the lists

Our scrolling feature is realized in dragging-like style:
just try to drag the window content up or down with your mouse
(press left mouse button to start dragging, then move you mouse up/down).

Save & Sync

You can play the game from different locations(computers, browsers or devices), but note that:
We are storing all of your progress data now, so you will see actual data on all of your devices and browsers,
but only in case you have stable connection with our servers.

Also, the amount of lives and bonuses that you have spent at one place (browser or device),
will also be be spent on all of your devices or browsers. This value is synchronized not very often,
so you can see some bulk changes sometimes.

Browsers supported

We are supporting the all most popular internet browsers:
Google Chrome v. 24+
Apple Safari v. 5.1.7+
Internet Explorer v. 9.0+
Mozilla FireFox v. 21+

Here you can find the latest browser versions:
Google Chrome
Apple Safari
Internet Explorer
Mozilla FireFox

Internet Explorer 10/11 : How to turn off the Compatibility View Mode

– run your Internet Explorer browser
– select the Tools icon at the right top corner( or press Alt+X )
– select Compatibility View Settings
– remove and from the list
– uncheck “Use Microsoft compatibility lists”
– close
– refresh the page

Also, we recommend to use Google Chrome browser for better experience.

Internet Explorer 10/11 : “your browser is outdated” message

Please, do not use “Compatibility View Mode” in IE 11/10/9 versions !!!
In this mode browser emulates old IE versions.

We recommend to use Google Chrome browser for better experience.

Loading : page do not load or stuck on some % progress

  • First, check that your browser is supported and updated to latest version.
  • Next, check your network connection.
  • Finally, you should try to reload the page a couple of times to load all the items properly.

Sounds : no sounds or some sounds are missing

All the browsers supported should play all the sounds correctly, except network problems when the sounds cannot be loaded properly.
You should try to reload the page a couple of times to load all the items properly.

iOS & Android : how to change Facebook user

mobile devices does not support multi-user environment,
so this kind of operation is not easy to do.
Please, follow the scenario below:

  1. remove(uninstall) the game app from your device.
  2. open the Facebook app installed on your device and do change user here.
  3. install the game app again and press “Login/Connect” to connect Facebook.

iOS & Android : Facebook Connection Error

for iOS devices :
– open the device settings
– select Facebook settings
– scroll down to the section “Allow these apps to use your account”
– find the game app in list
– switch it OFF and then switch it ON again
– open the game and find the Reconnect button to recover connection
– select Reconnect and accept all the permissions required

for Android devices:
– open Facebook app
– select More icon(three lines at the right corner)
– select Account Settings
– select Apps
– select Logged in with Facebook
– select game in the list
– check all the permissions in list to be enabled.
– go back and run the game
– select Reconnect button to recover connection

Note: please be sure that you have updated the Facebook app to the latest one.

Bonuses vs Cards : When I buy bonuses I have “bad” cards?

The bonuses you buy and use in the game have no relation to the cards layout.
Any game you play you have the same deck of cards shuffled the same way.
So, only the fortune can shuffle your cards with “good” or “bad” way.

Have more questions?
before writing to us, please, check following checklist:

– if you play on mobile (Android or iOS devices), check that you updated to latest version.
Android latest version
iOS latest version

– if you have any connection, updating, purchasing problem
please try the “RECONNECT” button in “Network Status” screen(left bottom icon)

– we need your Facebook User ID to help you.
if you play on PC(in browser), please use “Help & Support” link to this page
if you play on mobile, please use Options->”Get Support”
in both cases your ID will be added to the contact form.

– we will not answer if your question is listed above

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